About Us

The Place

Gavoi is in the geometric centre of the island and the human shapes have always determined the life of big and small societies. There are lines that connect places and such lines have always been chosen for millennia.

Over there, you see, you had to pass through. Long before the existence of Gavoi, people had found this point of the island and the menhir located within the sacred circle of the sanctuary of Sa Itria, the sign that many things had began right there. 

And it must also be the inevitable strength of geometry that leads authors and guests to Gavoi, people who keep this festival of literature alive. It takes its name from the village. 

Choosing Gavoi as the venue of the Literary Festival- The Island of Stories has immediately made clear the will of the organisation to support and defend a place, in the heart of the island, far from urbanized coasts and from seaside tourist routes. Organising an international cultural event in a “disadvantaged” and not-so-accessible place has been an idea that, given the circumstances, seemed to have little chance of success.

However, this choice represented the strength of the event and its main characteristic, an example of cultural mediation inside the wonderful and often unappreciated land in which it takes place. Today, after almost two decades and thousands of visitors, travellers, spectators, the festival is Gavoi and Gavoi is the festival.

We need your support. The festival is made by volunteers but this doesn’t mean that it’s for free: the costs involved are high also due to the geographic location.