About Us

The Island of Stories Organisation

We are an entire country that gathers around narrators. We invite them from all over the world to clarify that, face to face, with stories to be told, experiences to be transmitted, whispered consonances, expounded with grace, become much more numerous than shouted dissonances. 

We are an understanding community that wants to learn and live with tolerance. We are the demonstration that only those who want to feel isolated are actually isolated. Proudly islanders yet, but not isolated.


The People

  • Marcello Fois President
  • Sabina Pira Vice President

Board members

  • Ester Lai
  • Mariagiovanna Serusi
  • Aurelio Pullara


  • Roberto Balloi 
  • Antonio Marchi
  • Fabio Olmi 
  • Pier Gavino Sedda 
  • Christophe Thibaudeau