Program 2013

Isola delle Storie Festival is a place where you can find words chasing words to tell stories, debuting writers are discovered, and prominent authors are celebrated. Gavoi is its framework; the same island, the same spot. A small town among old mountains, which calls to mind the desire to share a passion, reading and literature, which is sometimes experienced as a lonely road. In Gavoi, readers are not a mere audience; in fact, in some of the previous Festival editions, spectators changed themselves into the content of the show, by arousing the attention of the public.
The formula of the Festival is the same. From July 4th to the 7th, one can experience days rich in meetings with appreciated Italian and foreign authors, singers, musicians, and many other artists. One of the most significant things which typifies the Isola delle Storie Festival since its beginning, is represented by the whole population of Gavoi, which is deeply committed in setting up this cultural event with enthusiasm and passion.In fact, lots of volunteers of any age, the so-called “red t-shirts”, make Gavoi homely during the endless summer days, which Sardinia and all artists performing in this festival offer to inhabitants and guests. Thus, storytelling is performed with a great passion for the benefit of an entire audience.