See you again in 2024

See you again in 2024

The cultural association L’Isola delle Storie announces that the next edition of the literary festival will be held in Gavoi from July 4 to 7, 2024.

For this year, the association will continue to promote reading through workshops and illustration exhibitions with local schools, already scheduled since March.

The festival will enjoy “a sabbatical year,” a precious and necessary span of time for the association to regain energy, new stimuli, and renewed vitality.

These components are indispensable to carry forward such a far-reaching cultural project as the literary festival, supported all these years by the volunteers of the members, who over time have created an impressive event and organizational model that requires continuous commitment, immense dedication, and enormous responsibilities.

Best wishes to all that we will soon meet again in Gavoi in health, companionship, and joy.

L’Isola delle Storie
Cultural Association – Gavoi