Discover the complete program of L’Isola XVII

Discover the complete program of L’Isola XVII

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Gavoi, June 6th, 2022 – After the confirmation of the resumption after the pandemic and the anticipations about the first guests, L’Isola delle Storie – Literary Festival of Sardinia is pleased to announce the final program of its XVII edition that will take place on July 1st-3rd, 2022, in Gavoi (NU) and it will be dedicated to Giorgio Todde, former president of the Association, passed away in 2020.

The Festival will open with a special Anteprima appointment realized in collaboration with the Festival letterario Dall’altra parte del mare (Literary Festival From the other side of the sea): Wednesday, June 22nd at 6.30 p.m. in Nuoro at the ISRE[1] venue, the Spanish writer Arturo Perez-Reverte will talk with Marcello Fois about his new novel L’Italiano (The Italian) (Rizzoli).

The weekend official opening in Gavoi will be on Friday July 1st, the day during which, from 6.30 p.m., the hosted exhibitions will be inaugurated on the occasion of this new Festival edition.     Sensorama-Spinoff. The wild blue yonder  edited by Chiara Gatti and Tiziana Cipelletti – project  that renews the historical collaboration between l’Isola delle Storie and the MAN_Museo d’arte della Provincia of Nuoro – will expose in the areas of the Museo del Fiore Sardo the great homonymous work of the artist Marco di Giovanni, a poetic installation dedicated to the topic of the moon and the look of the man who observes the star in the night as an allegory of an ideal travel, a dream, an elsewhere, and  Intintos. Il lato oscuro del Festival (The Festival’s dark side), the project “in progress” dedicated to the Festival’s guests, which the photographer from Cagliari Daniela Zedda has been carrying out for several years and which will be set up in the streets of the town. The third exposition that will be inaugurated, in the area of the Ex Caserma, will be Japan for breakfast by the illustrator Philip Giordano.

On Friday July 1st, the opening event will take place with conversations and readings and – at 7.30 p.m. in Sant’ Antiocru – the famous American writer David Leavitt will be interviewed by Chiara Valerio (translated by Juana Sommermann Weber). The meeting – entitled Ballo di famiglia e altre storie (Family dancing and other stories)will be an opportunity to retrace the life and work of the Pittsburgh writer among the first to cope with the theme of homosexuality, author, among others, of La lingua perduta delle gru (The Lost Language of Cranes), a novel that became a cult in the 80s. The publishing house Sem is republishing his works with a new translation by Fabio Cremonesi. 

On Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of July the event will continue with an articulated program of meetings, conversations and readings in the public squares and the places loved by the public of Gavoi.

At 10:30 a.m., the morning appointment in S’Antana ‘E Susu Dal Balcone – from which the writers Rossella Postorino (Saturday 2nd of July) and Daria Bignardi (Sunday 3rd of July) will be both interviewed by the journalist Paola Saluzzi. They have both recently returned to bookstores with Io, mio padre e le formiche (Salani) the first one, and Libri che mi hanno rovinato la vita (Einaudi) the second one.

In the last part of the morning, at 12:00 p.m, the cycle Mezzogiorno di fuoco – as per tradition hosted in the beautiful panoramic square of Sant ‘Antriocu – this year will be dedicated to the investigation of the complex reality of the recent years and the event will be hosted by Gabriele Romagnoli, journalist, columnist for La Repubblica and La Stampa, author of novels, essays and short stories.  Casca il mondo, the title of Saturday’s meeting, will host Mariangela Pira, anchor woman and reporter at Sky Tg24, author of Anno zero d.C. and Il Mondo nuovo (both Chiarelettere) dedicated to an analysis of the post-pandemic world, and Paola Caridi, essayist and historian, expert in Arabic culture and society, founder and president of Lettera22.  On Sunday 3rd of July, for Vita da inviato there will be Massimo Mapelli, journalist of La7 and author of the recent essay Ad alta voce (Baldini & Castoldi) which recounts thirty years of journalism personally lived, and Marco Ansaldo, special envoy for the international politics of Repubblica, Vaticanist, historian, one of the most authoritative experts of Turkey and scientific advisor of Limes magazine.

The two afternoons will resume at 5.00 pm in Binzadonnia – Communal Garden with the space dedicated to the readings: guests as Mariangela Gualtieri with Il quotidiano innamoramento (Falling in love daily), sonorous ritual in which the poet and dramatist  will give voice to the verses of Quando non morivo (Einaudi) interlacing them to others of the past and composing all in a well-orchestrated rhythmic score on Saturday, and Sunday, Marco Peano with  Morsi (Bites), dedicated to the last homonymous novel (Bompiani) of the writer from Turin, a lucid and terrible book that deals with great topics such as fear and growth.

Three pre-dinner appointments will follow, both Saturday and Sunday.

At Casa Maoddi, on Saturday 2nd of July at 5.45 p.m., the space Nelle Terre di Mezzo will host  I senzacoda  with Loredana Lipperini – writer, radio editor and beloved anchorwoman of the RAI Radio3 Programme Fahrenheit, recently back in bookstores with the book  Il senzacoda (Salani), an illustrated story that teaches children how to overcome their fears without being ashamed- introduced by Alessia Canducci; on Sunday 3rd of July, there will be a meeting between Davide Meloni and Piergiorgio Pulixi, a member of Sabot writing collective  created by Massimo Carlotto, for Il mistero dei bambini d’ombra, the title of the acclaimed noir author’s first novel for children.

At 6.15 p.m. in Piazza Mesu Bidda, the space Altre Prospettive dedicated to the new voices of Italian and foreign literature, this year is entrusted to Marco Cubeddu’s conduction. Here the following writers will take the stage: Marek Šindelka (translated by Josef Sikola), Czech, whose La fatica dei materiali (Keller Editor) has recently been published in Italy-meeting organized in collaboration with the Czech Center of Rome- Ginevra Lamberti, author among others of the recent Tutti dormono nella valle and Perché comincio dalla fine winner of the Premio Mondello 2020 (both Marsilio Editor), and Jonathan Bazzi, who, after the success of his debut Febbre (Fandango Libri) finalist at the Strega 2020 Award, has recently returned to bookstores with Corpi Minori (Mondadori), a novel that recounts the ultra-contemporary formation of a twenty-year-old who leaves the suburbs determined to never be a marginal again.

Finally, Saturday 2nd of July at 7.30 p.m. again in Sant’Antiocru  for Storie di altri luoghi Chiara Valerio will meet the Spanish writer and poet Elena Medel (translated by Juana Sommermann Weber) – author of  Le meraviglie (Einaudi), winner of several prizes and awards, but also founder and editorial director of La Bella Varsovia a publishing house specialized in poetry -while on Sunday 3rd of July, will be the journalist and writer Elvira Serra to dialogue with Dario Vergassola for Storie vere di un mondo immaginario also the title of the latest book (Baldini + Castoldi) by the comedian and singer-songwriter from La Spezia, which collects five stories of gentle irony and poignant tenderness, pungent social satire in which some legendary sea creatures – fish, squid, sirens, anchovies and octopuses – stage their impossible love stories,  their ecological tirades, the melancholy of being excluded, the desire to discover the world by launching into a thousand reckless adventures.

Saturday 2nd of July, at 10:30 p.m. the last meeting of the day will be Donne con libro an unprecedented dialogue-interview with two voices that will see on stage Chiara Valerio and Bianca Pitzorno, recently back to the bookstores, the first one with Cosí per sempre (Einaudi), a novel that combines legend and contemporaneity to tell an infinite love story, and the second one with Donna con libro. Autoritratto delle mie letture (Salani), a sort of memoir, a ride through memories, which brings together a series of reflections on the books that in different periods have entered the life of the author and have influenced her.

Even for this XII edition the tradition of the Homages at the opening of some of the meetings will be renewed, this year entitled Grassia and obviously dedicated to Grazia Deledda, made in collaboration with the “Comitato Nazionale per i 150 anni dalla nascita di Grazia Deledda” and read over the two days by Laura Fortuna and Monica Corimbi, and of the Intermezzi Musicali  in collaboration with the Conservatorio Canepa of Sassari- in Gavoi with Chiara Cagnoni (guitar) and Triade Barocca (Vanna Sanna, Letizia Pirino, Chiara Enna)-, and with the Ente Musicale of Nuoro (Duo Mellifluous).

As usual, in the overall program of the Festival, a specific section by Associazione Lughenè will be dedicated in particular to children and young people with meetings and workshops that will take place on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of July.

Many workshops will be offered over the two days: Lunaticamente. The Moon and its representation in the art world, a laboratory of graphics and mixed techniques of painting and drawing by the Dipartimento Didattico del Museo MAN; Nuvole di carta), laboratory of stamps and Cavallini di Nivola to build horses of reeds, wood and coloured fabrics both thanks to the operators of the Museo Nivola; Campane per storie musicali with Fabio Calzia; but also the workshops of art and creativity held by Gianni Atzeni Gatti. Quattro o quarantaquattro? e Rulli e impressioni colorate sventolano.

The illustrator Claudia Piras will bring to Gavoi three different collage workshops: Su le zampe play and drawing, Peppo il gatto di Aleppo), and painting, Il Cinghialetto Grazia Deledda the writer Piergiorgio Pulixi will hold a workshop devoted to creative writing entitled Elementi per creare una storia di mister.

The Bibliobus will be present, organized by the Cooperativa per i servizi bibliotecari of Nuoro with the literary game Il furto dell’uva the Biblioteca Satta of Nuoro with the collective game from the ground inspired by the objectives of Agenda 2030 GO GOALS: la sostenibilità in gioco and the Biblioteca della Città Metropolitana of Cagliari with Nati per leggere! readings in a low voice for parents and children.

Another moment dedicated to reading will be with the actress and director Alessia Canducci and her Sorridere tra le righe.

Inaf-Osservatorio Astronomico of Cagliari will present I magici cicli, an animation dedicated to time and its connection with astronomy and on the evening of Saturday 2nd of July it will take care of the night walk L’Isola delle storie tra le stelle that will conclude the meeting Racconti Lunari with readings by Alessia Canducci.

Also organized by the Associazione Lughenè will be, at the end, also the space Gle- grandi giochi in legno.


Sensorama-Spinoff with Marco Di Giovanni, The wild blue yonder

On the occasion of the XVII edition of the Literary Festival of Sardinia, the MAN presents in Gavoi a spinoff of the exhibition SENSORAMA, scheduled from 8th of July to 30th of October 2022, at the centre of the summer programming of the Museo d’arte di Nuoro.

The artist Marco Di Giovanni will exhibit, at the Museo del Fiore Sardo, the great work The wild blue yonder, a poetic installation dedicated to the theme of the moon and the gaze of man who observes the star in the night as an allegory of an ideal journey, of a dream, of an elsewhere. The monumental sculpture evokes the shape of a column, but also of a telescope pointed at the stars. The monumental geometry, made of iron, is associated with a lyrical, mysterious image that, as an epiphany, projects a segment of the moon into the ground. As always happens in the installations and in the works of Marco Di Giovanni, the visitor is invited to investigate and to look into the dark, to try to discover what is hidden in the iron, beyond the peephole, in the lens of this magic machine able to bring the sky into a room. Going beyond visible boundaries is the great obsession, the eternal human desire that brings arts and sciences together. 

Japan for breakfast of Philip Giordano

The usual illustration exhibition hosted in the Ex Caserma, as in previous editions, is dedicated to a young man: Philip Giordano. Philip’s illustrated books have been translated all over the world. The freshness, the vivacity, the iconic characters and the graphic landscapes make his style unique and recognizable. Guided by him, we will discover how Japan, where he lived for 10 years, played a fundamental role in shaping our host’s imagination: Miyazaki’s world, colours, lifestyle, myths, legends but also Japanese contradictions.


L’Isola delle Storie – XVII Edition Literary Festival of Sardinia

1st-3rd of July, 2022

Gavoi (NU), Barbagia, Sardinia




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