Words that run to tell stories, emerging authors to be discovered, established writers that we have the curiosity and the pleasure of listening. The same island, the same hidden place between ancient mountains, the same desire, never faded, to share a passion for books and literature, often lived as a solitary pleasure. In Gavoi the readers have citizenship, they are never mere spectators: during the past editions, it happened often that the guests had been transformed from objects of the interested public to subjects of the extraordinary spectacle of thousands of people who listen and ask. Here the writing, like life, is a serious matter.
The festival’s formula is the same as the past editions. From 2 to 5 July a weekend full of events which take place from morning to evening, illustrious guests of national and international reputation of the literary world, the music and entertainment and, the thing that characterizes this festival since its birth, the incredible participation of an entire village which actively supports the event with great enthusiasm, the many volunteers of all ages – the so-called “red t-shirts” – a heterogeneous public, numerous and passionate, a family and relaxed atmosphere that only the endless summer days and a hospitable land like Sardinia can give and the undisputed protagonists of each edition: the stories and the people who tell with passion to anyone willing to listen.