MJM Trio

MJM Trio started up in 2017 within the academic jazz course at the Conservatorio “L. Canepa” in Sassari, led by the professors G. A. Frassetto and M. Tedde. Driven by the passion for the great jazz trios of the bepop and hardpop period, especially for Oscar Peterson, Red Garland and Bill Evans’s music, the three young musicians of the MJM Trio, have composed innovative works springing from the search for an original musical sound between tradition and innovation. During the Gavoi Literary Festival the Trio is enriched by the voice of Rebecca Ginatempo, who was born in Porto Torres but has perfected herself in the Sassari jazz milieu, where she also attends the Conservatory.


Event on Friday, 29th June 2018  11.30  Piazza Sant’Antiocru,15.30 Binzadonnia – Giardino Comunale 19.00 Sant’Antiocru, 22.00 Piazza Sant’Antiocru