Daniela Hamaui

Daniela Hamaui, Italian, was born in Cairo. She graduated in Modern Literature and became a professional journalist in 1979. She collaborates with Makno and Consuledis and with Repubblica. In 1980, she worked for Rizzoli. She collaborated with the cultural pages of Corriere della Sera and with the Sunday supplement of Il Sole 24ore. In 1988, she was asked to work for Mondadori in the monthly “Cento Cose”, where, in 1995, she became the director. In 1996, Repubblica asked her to conceive and direct “D”, a women’s weekly magazine attached to the newspaper. She created then “Dcasa” and the Albums of Repubblica. In 2002 Carlo Caracciolo and Carlo De Benedetti named her, first woman in Italy, director of L’Espresso, the most important Italian news magazine. In 2010, she left L’Espresso and became the editorial director of Repubblica’s periodicals. She has created and directed “R7” and she has taken part in the creation of “Rsera”, the first daily newspaper for tablets. In 2011, in addition to the editorial direction of the periodicals, she directed “Velvet” and in 2012 also “D di Repubblica”, transforming it in March 2013. In 2014, she created “Dlui”, “Dbeauty” and the website of D. In 1999 she won the “Minerva d’oro” and in 2004 the “Bellisario” award. She is active on FB, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. In 2017, she became the director of Vanity Fair.

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