Centro Internazionale del Fumetto di Cagliari

The Centro Internazionale del Fumetto (International Center for Comics) stemmed from the first comics school in Sardinia, founded by Bepi Vigna in 1993. Created to foster knowledge of comics and animation films, the Center promotes teaching and informative activities, targeting both adults and children. In 2018 the Center contributed to the foundation of AMI – Archivio Multimediale dell’Immaginario (Multimedia Archive of the Imaginary), a library specialized in comics and genre fiction. Since 2008 the Center has organized the Festival Internazionale NUES Fumetti e Cartoni animati nel Mediterraneo (NUES International Festival of Comics and Cartoons in the Mediterranean), which aims at using comics and cognate genres to spread mutual knowledge and intercultural dialogue among peoples. Workshops for children are held by Lorella Costa, who is responsible for the courses for children and teenagers, Stefania Costa, illustrator and freelance cartoonist, and Laura Congiu, graphic artist and colourist.

More info at www.centrointernazionalefumetto.it

Event on 5th July, Casa Maoddi ore 16:00, Workshop

Event on 6th July, Casa Maoddi ore 16:00,Workshop

Event on 7th July, Casa Maoddi ore 16:00, Workshop