CarGus jazz Duo

Both self-taughtmusicians, they started studying music and their instruments and improved by attending jazz seminars organized by Nuoro’s Ente Musicale, in conjunction with Nuoro Jazz festival. They have played in their beloved Sardinia in different musical contexts, such as Dromos Festival and Bovale in Jazz, and they have also performed in trio and quartet line-up. They have taken part in research programmes with great players of European and Afro-American music, following the Master Classes with Paolino Dalla Porta, Stefano Bollani, Cameron Brown, Maurizio Giammarco, Roberto Gatto, Gabriele Mirabassi, Dave Holland , Gil Goldstein, Dado Moroni, Joe Lovano and many others, enriching the personal musicality, at the service of the Duo. Their repertoire ranges from the most important American classic jazz interpreters’ compositions to European contemporary jazz, without neglecting the South-American school and the compositions of fellow countrymen great Artists. The interplay and the great understanding between the two musicians make the CarGus one of the most interesting formations of the insular jazz scene. They have been playing together for twelve years.

Stefano Careddu, piano

Costantino Agus, double bass

Event on 6th July, Giardino Comunale h10:30, Casa Maoddi h18:00, Intermezzi musicali