Andrea Congia

Born in Cagliari in 1977, he holds a degree in Philosophy. As a guitarist, author and performer for experimental bands – such as Nigro Minstrel, Mascherada, Antagonist Quintet, Crais Trio, Baska, Hellequin, Orchestrina dei Miracoli, Gastropod, Skull Cowboys, Death Electronics, Fàulas –, and as the artistic director of “Significante”, a festival dedicated to Sardinian Literature, he has been working for years on the synthesis of words and music, in collaboration with numerous artists from the Sardinian musical and theatrical scene. In 2015 he founded the Cultural Association “Between Word and Music – House of Sounds and Stories”, whose activities and projects he coordinates. Photo © Dietrichsteinmetz

Event on 16th June, Cortile Casa Maoddi h19:00, Preludio