L’Isola delle Storie is a cultural association which wants to bring stories, novels, and writers among islanders, tourists, villagers and citizens, in the streets, cities, mountains and Sardinia’s beaches. Sardinia is a land which has always seen the birth and growth of stories, which were told from village to village, written and sung with or without rhyme, printed on sheets of poor paper, photocopied and sold at banquets, with chestnuts, nougat and red wine.

L’Isola delle Storie has found its allies, in a village in the middle of Barbagia, in booksellers and traders, drummers and teachers, writers and employees, farmers and artisans, travelers graduated and resident musicians, students and dreamers, in a great strange colorful group of enthusiastic volunteers, in an entire village.

L’Isola delle Storie will try to organize, in the future months and years, presentations and meetings, literary soirees, experimentations between the arts and languages, between near sounds and distant calls, to bring culture in all corners of the island, from the cities to small and remote villages to attract tourists who are also travelers, curious intelligent open travelers of stories and people, seekers of real and live places.