Gavoi is surrounded by breathless landscapes and flourishing nature. Though our territory is very fragile, this is the main reason because we want to preserve it and its beauty, since it represents a universal patrimony.

Gavoi, the geometrical Island’s Center

Gavoi is located in the middle of Sardinia, of our island. It has represented for thousands and thousands of years the centre of our Sardinian culture; this can clearly be seen in Sa Itria, a sanctuary with a Menhir (a megalith) surrounded by a sacred circle, which was built in the past by our ancestors. This archaeological site tells us that Gavoi had been an important cultural and social centre in Sardinia. Even in our days, we can say that Gavoi, thanks to the literary Festival, has not lost its cultural importance, it is still the centre of our island. Gavoi attracts various authors and personalities who, every year, join the literary Festival, which takes its name from this amazing village.