Ruxandra Cesereanu

She is a Romanian poetess, an essayist, and a novelist. She graduated in Literature from the Babeş-Bolyai University of Cluj, Romania, where she currently holds the position of Associate Professor of Comparative Literature. Since 2002, she is a staff member of the Phantasma, Center for Reasearch on the Imaginary in Cluj, where she also holds creative writing and poetry workshops. Moreover, she is the managing editor of the cultural magazine Steaua. Her chief works in poetry are: Zona vie (Dacia 1993) and Grădina deliciilor (Echinox 1993) Also, Cădere deasupra oraşului (Transpres 1994) made her won the Prize of the Writer Association, Cluj (PASC). Furthermore, she wrote Oceanul Schizoidian (Marineasa 1998; Vinea 2006), Femeia-cruciat (antologia, Paralela 45 1999), Veneţia cu vene violete. Scrisorile unei curtezane (Dacia 2002), and Kore-Persefona (Vinea 2004)– (PASC), COMA (Vinea 2008)– (PASC). She was the co-autor, with Andrei Codrescu, Submarinul iertat. She wrote with Marius Conkan Ținutul Celălalt (Cartea Românească 2011). Her latest work is Un singur cer deasupra lor (Polirom 2013).