Wojciech Tochman

Wojciech Tochman (Krakow, 1969) is a Polish reporter, journalist and writer. He is one of the founders of the Polish Reportage Institute in Warsaw. To date, he has published nine reportage collections, which immediately entered the canon of the Polish reportage. He was twice a finalist for the Nike Prize, the most important literary prize in Poland, and a finalist at the Mitteleuropean Angelus Literary Award. He was awarded the Premio Kapuscinski in Rome and the Prize “The Pen of Hope”, sponsored by Amnesty International in Poland. His books, translated into twelve languages, have been internationally acclaimed. In Italy the translations of two of his reportages have been published by Keller publisher: Come se mangiassi pietre (2010, Like Eating Stones), the story of the devastating social consequences of the violent warfare, from genocides to war crimes, in former Yugoslavia; and Oggi disegneremo la morte (Today We’re Going to Draw Death, 2015), a touching reportage of the Rwandan 1994 genocide and of its consequences, which shows us the scars left on the country, on its land and on its inhabitants’ bodies. His latest book, just published in Poland, Pianie kogutów, płacz psów (The Crow of the Roosters, the Crying of theDogs), is dedicated to the victims and to the survivors of the genocide in Cambodia. He currently lives in Greece. Foto ©Michał Fiałkowski

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