Svetlana Žuchová

Svetlana Žuchová (1976) is a Slovakian writer and translator. She studied psychology and medicine. After working in a psychiatric clinic in Prague, she moved to Munich and then returned to Prague, where she currently lives and works. In 2003 she published Dulce de leche, a collection of short stories which won the Ivan Krasko Award. Later, three novels followed: Yesim (2006), Thieves and Witnesses (Zlodeji a svedkovia) (2011) and Scenes from the Life of M (Obrazy zo života M). The latter two were published in Italy in 2013 and 2017 by Mimesis eLit and translated by Tiziana d’Amico. These novels, which share a great interest in the analysis of the characters – all identified as foreigners in a country far from home – were finalists for the AnasoftLitera Award, the most important literary recognition in Slovakia. With Scenes from the Life of M, the author won the European Union Prize for Literature in 2015. Her works are translated into seven languages.

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