INAF-Osservatorio astronomico di Cagliari

The INAF (National Institute of Astrophysics) is the public research institution which deals with Astrophysics and Space science. The Astronomical Observatory of Cagliari (OAC) is the research institution of the INAF in Sardinia, which controls the Sardinia Radio Telescope (SRT), a parabolic dish with 64-meter diameter which receives and studies radio signals of cosmic origin, located in Gerrei. The INAF-OAC deals with research in different fields of Astrophysics, ranging from extragalactic radio astronomy to the study of the interstellar medium, from star formation to the study of solid objects. It carries out several educational and didactic activities in schools of every kind, grade and general public, mainly in the province of Cagliari, but also through national and international activities.

Event on 5th July, Casa Maoddi h21.00, Walking

Event on 6th July, Casa Maoddi h11.30, Workshop

Event on 6th July, Casa Maoddi h16.00, Workshop

Event on 7th July, Casa Maoddi h09.30, Workshop