Duo mumucs e Vito Cauli

mumucs and Vito Caulimumucs is the name of a journey, still without a destination, which has been undertaken by the singer Marta Loddo since 2012. It is a solo journey: instead of bringing with her a well equipped backpack, she has a loopstation, her loyal friend and companion. However, during the journey she bumps into other explorers. This time, she has met the drummer Vito Cauli, and this meeting has originated a resourceful and curious chemistry. The duo is a sea crossing, an exploration of the musical-self, which is by choice still undefined, in order not to be deprived of the freedom of swinging between the genres. So, the improvisation, the dialogue and the constant exchange between them is the map on which they rely, together with the solemn rhythm of the words and the percussions which claim their communicative power. Marta Loddo keeps collaborating with the pianist Gianfranco Fedele and the percussionist Alessandro Cau. In 2014 she took part to the Ensemble Mambo Varese, directed by the saxophonist Norbert R. Stammberger. With voice and loopstation, she composed the soundtrack of two theatrical performances, written and performed by the author Savina Dolores Massa. These two are: “Una borsa così pittoresca” (“Such a picturesque bag”, 2012), inspired by “Lettere dal Carcere” (“Letters from prison”) by Gramsci, and “Per favore non spolveratemi le ossa” (“Please, do not dust my bones”), which is an homage to Alda Merini. Since 2012, Vito Cauli has been working as art director for various events that take place in Sardinia along the lower area of the Tirso river Valley (such as Go Fast!,The One Jazz Show). He also collaborates on different musical projects, as drummer and composer.

Events on 5th July, Giardino comunale h10.30, Casa Maoddi h18.00 , Intermezzi musicali