Massimo Bray

Massimo Bray was born in Lecce, studied in Florence and currently lives in Rome. In 1991he joined the Institute of the Italian Encyclopedia founded by Giovanni Treccani, as the editor in charge of the Modern History section of La Piccola Treccani Encyclopedia. Heworked in the Institute until his election to the Parliament, and in 1994becameeditorial director. In this role, he worked to maintain the rigor that distinguishes this prestigious cultural institution while enthusiastically welcoming its process of opening to the web.

Massimo Bray was also the editor in chief of the magazine published by the Italianieuropei Foundation for political culture. He chaired the board of directors of La Notte della Taranta Foundation, which organizes the largest European folk music festival. In the 2013 general election he was elected deputy for the Democratic Party, and on the28th of April 2013 he was appointed Minister of Cultural Heritage and Tourism in the cabinet of Enrico Letta. He resigned as a Member of Parliament in March 2015 and went back to the Institute of the Italian Encyclopedia, where he currently works asa general manager. As the president of the Foundation for books, music and culture, he superintended the 2017 and 2018 editions of the Turin Book Fair.

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