Marco Varvello

Marco Varvello, a journalist, is responsible for the RAI correspondence office for the United Kingdom. Former host of TG1, he has edited on Enzo Biagi’s Rai Uno “il Fatto”, has been a special correspondent to the United States and a RAI one from Berlin. He worked on the newspapers “La Notte” and “Il Giornale”, directed by Indro Montanelli. He is a consultant for Reuters Institute of Journalism at Oxford University, and a member of the Italo-German Cultural Centre for European Excellence “Villa Vigoni”. He won the Literary Award Ado-Lisant of Lille-Bruxelles and the Foreign Press Awards 2018. His latest book, published by Mondadori, is Brexit blues.

Event on 6th July, Piazza Sant’Antiocru ore 12.00, MEZZOGIORNO DI FUOCO