Marco Valentino

He is a soundtrack producer and composer for movies, international advertisement, theatre, documentaries, contemporary dance and videogames. Moreover, he is a violinist, but he also plays several other classical, ethnic and electronic instruments. After his classical training, he carried out a course of research and experimentation on the Middle-Eastern, Asian, African and Northern European musical cultures. He took part in many international festivals of music, theatre and dance all over Europe. In 2004 the Portuguese Ministry of Culture and Performing Arts awarded him with the Prémio Almada for his video and music performance Any where (out of the world), as the best artistic production project. In 2006 he created the project Sestante, dedicated to the exploration and contamination of Western, Middle-Eastern and African musical cultures. It is structured into four chapters, to which the same number of performances correspond.

Event on 6th July, Casa Maoddi ore 10.30, Workshop

Event on 6th July, Casa Maoddi ore 20:30, Show