Lirio Abbate

He is the deputy editor of the weekly publication L’Espresso and he coordinates the report section.
During the last twenty-five years he has been following the most important trials about corruption,
mafia, politics and human trafficking. After judicial reporting, he started to deal with investigative
journalism. He worked for the news agency Ansa and for the daily newspaper La Stampa. He is the
author of some scoop and journalistic investigations.
He wrote: La mafia che ho conosciuto (The mafia I have known, Edizioni Espero, 1996); I complici
(The accomplices with Peter Gomez – Fazi Editore, 2007); Fimmine ribelli (Rebelwomen, Rizzoli,
2013); I Re di Roma. Destra e sinistra agli ordini di mafia capitale (The kings of Rome. Right and
left at the behest of mafia capitale with Marco Lillo – Chiarelettere, 2015); La lista (The list,
Rizzoli, 2017).

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