Istituto Slovacco a Roma

Slovak Institute in Rome, established in 2001, organizes a wide range of initiatives promoting cultural, business and foreign policy exchanges. The Institute decided to take up this path through the reconstruction of both past and present connections between Slovakia and Italy, highlighting their common heritage and encouraging positive intercultural exchanges. The institute promote the cultural contribution of Slovak personalities from the political, cultural, artistic and social world who have had contacts with Italy at all levels – Milan Rastislav Štefánik, Štefan Osudský, Alexander Dubček, Eugen Cernan – or such outstanding artists as Ladislav Mednyánzský, Ernest Zmeták, Koloman Sokol, Andy Warhol. In view of the development of the relations between the two countries, our primary objective is to represent Slovakia as a modern European nation, with an ancient history, with a broad and promising cultural perspective.

Event  on 29th  June,  Piazza Sant’Antiocru  19.30, Altre Prospettive