Ipotesi Cinema

It is a film school founded by Italian film maker Ermanno Olmi in 1982 in Bassano del Grappa. IpotesICinema aims to document reality, and its main goal is to train young filmmakers in order to seek their expressive languages by means of digital recording, and especially by proposing projects of interest common to work on. In 2004, IpotesICinema presented a collective work, Osolemio-Autoritratto, at the Venice Film Festival in the branch Corto Cortissimo as Special Event. Moreover, in 2012, IpotesICinema presented a documentary film, Come voglio che sia il mio futuro?, at the Venice Biennial. Since 2004, the young filmmakers of IpotesICinema have been shooting and documenting the Gavoi Literature Festival.