Gianni Atzeni

Gianni Atzeni has collaborated with the “Festival Letterario di Gavoi” since its first edition, as the curator of the illustrators’ exhibitions and as an entertainer within workshops of creative art for children. He has been an engraver specialized in chalcographic printing since the 1980’s, and has participated in numerous personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad. In 2019 his most recent art works have been displayed in two personal exhibitions in Cagliari, the Temporary Storing of the Bartoli-Felter Foundation and at the Spazio InVisibile (InVisible Space) of Thomas Lenher. For several years he has made use of recycling materials, always experimenting with new creative techniques. These experimentations ended up in what he presently considers one of the most important motifs in his creative production: the springs of light “KRIORBS”, a combination of lights and music. Both lights and music explore recesses that are quite inaccessible to the eyes and ears of any beholder or listener, producing patterns that only imagination can grasp. With the Association FogliVolanti he organizes creative workshops across Sardinia.

Event on 5th July, Casa Maoddi h10:00, Workshop

Event on 5th July, Casa Maoddi h16:00, Workshop

Event on 6th July, Casa Maoddi h09:30, Workshop

Event on 7th July, Casa Maoddi h16:00, Workshop