Ghemon was born in Avellino in 1982. With the pseudonym of Giovanni Luca Picariello, rapper and singer-songwriter, he started as a young man playing around the clubs of the province. When he moved to Rome to study, he found his artistic path and started to be known by the general public, publishing several successful albums and collaborating with numerous artists. He lives in Milan. He is the author of Io sono – Diario anticonformista di tutte le volte che ho cambiato pelle (Harper Collins), a book about his struggle to find and cultivate his own style, characterized by deep themes and very accurate rhymes, a clear testimony accompanied by an exciting, biting and engaging writing, like the lyrics of his songs. The numbers are: 7 published albums and thousands of concerts around Italy.

Event on 1st July, Giardino Comunale 12.00, FRONTE DEL PALCO