Francesca Mannocchi

Francesca Mannocchi is a journalist, who has dealt with migrations and conflicts, and has cooperated with numerous Italian and international newspapers (L’Espresso, Stern, Al Jazeera English, The Guardian, The Observer). She has written some news reports from Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, Afghanistan. She has won the Giustolisi Prize with an investigation about the smuggling of migrants and about Libyan jails and the prestigious 2006 Premiolino. With the photographer Alessio Romenzi, she directed the documentary Isis, Tomorrow, presented at the 75 th Venice International Film Festival. With Einaudi she published her first book Io Khaled vendo uomini e sono innocente (I, Khaled, I sell men and I am not guilty, 2019).

Event on 7th July, Piazza Sant’Antiocru h19.00, Povera Patria