Florinas in giallo – L’isola dei misteri

Florinas in giallo – L’isola dei misteri was born in 2010, under the artistic direction of the late lamented Tecla Dozio for the first two editions and the Collettivo Giallo Acido from 2002 to 2017, led by the writer Flavio Soriga. In 2018, the booksellers Elia Cossu, Emiliano Longobardi and Maria Luisa Perazzona took over the artistic direction. The festival has hosted guests of the high calibre of Carlo Lucarelli, Giorgio Faletti, Maurizio De Giovanni, Giancarlo De Cataldo, Massimo Carlotto, Paola Barbato, Margherita Oggero, Petros Markaris, Dominique Manotti and Jeffery Deaver. The spirit of the festival is, traditionally, the combination between fiction and reality crimes, multidisciplinarity (comic, cinema, illustration), settling it in the territory thanks to the project of artist residency for writers and the involvement of cultural centres such as schools and library.

Event on 6th July, Piazza Sant’Antiocru h19:30, Storie di Altri Luoghi