Elizabeth Arquinigo Pardo

Elizabeth Arquinigo was born in Lima, Peru. She moved to Italy when she was ten, and then graduated in Languages for International Cooperation. She has lived in Maryland for a language exchange  program and has worked in Greece for the European Asylum Agency. She still works in the field of political asylum. She authored Lettera agli Italiani come me (published by People in 2018), a book featuring a young girl, grown up in Italy and “entrapped” in the bureaucratic cage of the Salvini Decree,who writes a long letter to the minister and chooses to address it to the “Italians like me”, born in Italy or arrived in Italy at a tender age and grown up here. Elizabeth traces back her eighteen years of life in Italy, made up of small and big episodes of discrimination, separations and closeness, so as to explain how it feels to live everyday in a country of which you think you are a citizen, but that instead does not recognize you as such.

Event 7thJuly, Giardino Comunale, 11:00 am, FRONTE DEL PALCO.