Chiara Valerio

Chiara Valerio was born in Scauri in 1978. She has written novels, short stories, literary criticism and plays. Her latest novel is Storia umana della matematica, Einaudi, 2016. She works as an editor for “Nuovi Argomenti”, and she contributes to “Robinson” (the Sunday insert of “La Repubblica”) and “Amica”. She works with Anna Antonelli, Fabiana Carobolante and Lorenzo Pavolini at “Ad alta voce”, broadcasted by Radio 3, for which she also hosts “L’isola deserta”. She has translated and edited Flush, Freshwaterand Between the Acts (Tra un atto e l’altro) by Virginia Woolf.  She has organized the general agenda for the first edition of Tempo di Libri, a new international book fair in Milan. She is the Italian fiction editor for Marsilio Publishers.

Event on 5th July, Piazza Sant’Antiocru h19.30, Vicini e lontani

Event on 6th July, iazza Sant’Antiocru h19.30, Storie di altre Luoghi