Catherine Dunne

Catherine Dunne (Dublin, 1954) is an Irish writer. She holds a degree in English and Spanish, and in 1997 debuted with In the Beginning, soon an international best seller. Among her novels, published in Italy by Guanda, are A Name for Himself (La moglie che dorme), The Walled Garden (Il viaggio verso casa), Another Kind of Life (Una vita diversa), Something Like Love (L’amore o quasi),  An Unconsidered People (Un mondo ignorato), At a Time Like This (Se stasera siamo qui), Set in Stone (Donna alla finestra), Missing Julia (Tutto per amore), The Things We Know Now (Quel che ora sappiamo), Heart of Gold (La grande amica), All That I’ve Loved (Un terribile amore). In her last book, The Way the Light Falls (Come cade la luce, 2018), Catherine Dunne writes a great, intense story of a family, in which we can find ourselves growing up, loving, deluding ourselves and suffering together with Melina, Alexia and all the characters that are part of their lives, in a Dublin made up of sky and water. A novel that confronts us with the inescapable truths of feelings. The author has an Italian website:

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