Carlo Boccadoro, an internationally renowned music composer and conductor, created the ensemble of contemporary music “Sentieri selvaggi”. He works with orchestras, soloists and musical groups across the world. He has written many books published by EDT, Garzanti, Marcos y Marcos, and Longanesi. With Einaudi he published “Musica Coelestis. Conversazioni con undici grandi della musica d’oggi (1999, then edited by Il Saggiatore), “Jazz! Come comporre una discoteca di base” (2005) and “Lunario della musica. Un disco per ogni giorno dell’anno” (2007). He edited the anthology “Racconti musicali” published by Einaudi in 2009. In his last book, published by SEM in 2018, “12 storie di dischi irripetibili, musica e lampi di vita”, Carlo Boccadoro, leads the reader through the weaves of the most various musical charms, between personal memories and recollections of his generation. It is an amazing journey in the world of the less usual music, where the reader meets great artists with their less known, yet unforgettable works, next to orcas and turkeys.

Event on 1st July, 16.00, Binzadonnia-Giardino Comunale, READING