Bittersweet Cellos Quartet

The quartet was born within the cello course of the Maestro Angelo Nappi, at the Conservatory of Music L. Canepa of Sassari and has been performing a remarkable concert activity for years. Motivated by the intention of experimenting with the technical and expressive versatility of this singular instrumental ensemble, the four musicians offer a stylistically varied repertoire, ranging from the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century classic genre to modern sonorities such as rock, metal and light music. 

Valerio Battaglia, cello

Roberta Botta, cello

Luca Carta Mantiglia, cello

Paolo Tedde, cello

Event on 7th july, Piazza Sant’Antiocru h 11:30; 19:00; \Giardino Comunale ore 15:30, Intermezzi musicali