Biblioteca Ragazzi della Città Metropolitana di Cagliari

Born in October 2009,Biblioteca Ragazzi of the Metropolitan City of Cagliari is located inside Monte Claro Park in Cagliari. It owns an extensive documentation which ranges from the books in the section Nati per Leggere(Born to Read) to those dedicated to young adults. Besides the normal lending, consultations and animation to reading activities, it organizes free laboratories, aimed to young and old readers with experts in children’s literature. Its areas are open for guided tours to all the nursery schools, preschools, primary schools, secondary schools and high schools. Children can read the books in the reading room, borrow them and register as users. Biblioteca Ragazzi owns about 15.000 books for children and teenagers, as well as DVDs, CD-ROMs, comics and papers on childhood for professionals and parents. It cooperates with the Center of Documentation of Children’s Libraries with activities to promote reading, preparing the Bibliography of Nati per Leggere (Born to read), Nati per la Musica (Born for Music), selecting and creating thematic bibliographies, participating in Book Fairs or Literary Festivals engaged in the promotion of literature for children, teenagers and young adults.

Event on 5th July, Casa Maoddi h10.00, Workshop

Event on 6th July, Casa Maoddi ore 10.00, Workshop

Event on 7th July, Casa Maoddi ore 10.00, Workshop

Events on 5th -7th July, Cortile Casa Maoddi, Exibition