Bam is the current form of an ancient tradition. Everything has started with the stubborn belief that doing something by hand means doing it better, that a craftsman can be called as such if he learns from the world, from the books he reads, from the people he listens to. It means that a designer has to think with a hammer in his hand, has to know the weight of anvil and the scorching heat of furnaces. It means that they learn by doing and that nothing is indispensable, neither the pencil nor the forge. BAM is the name of this certainty, of this destination, of the moment halfway between a dream and a project. BAM, Bottega Artigiana Metalli (Metals Craftsman Workshop), is composed of designers who get their hands dirty and craftsman who make their hands think. It is an innovative project of contemporary craft which cannot be defined through standard definitions typically referred to art, craft and design sectors. An encounter between harmony of shapes and conceptual decisions, BAM objects are past voices coming to the present, in order to shake the souls of those who watch them. You have to touch, watch and feel every object: it tells a story. Constantly looking for contaminations, interactions, twines: our production, traditionally tied to metals, is characterized by the encounter with other materials. It opens up to the dialogue with craft skills, designers and interpreters of the territory art. BAM, the sound the hammer emits on the anvil, was founded by Tonino Bruno, a third-generation craftsman, with his sons Vittorio e Andrea, graduated respectively from Milan Polytechnic and Academy of Fine Arts in Brera. The lucky set of family skills, abilities and experiences are constant elements of the artisanal path started in 1890, that today becomes dynamic and innovative in the vision of a new, future Sardinian craftsmanship.