Alessio Mura

Alessio Mura, known as Su Maistu, was born in San Gavino Monreale on the 6th February 1975. He is a rapper, freelance journalist and radio speaker living in San Sperate, Cagliari, Sardinia. He has been involved in music since he was 15, first with the group Mogoro Posse, then with Balentia, and recorded three albums with them, Stoccad’e Funk, Forefingers Up – A new Balentia’s joint and Doodazz. Since 1994 he has performed live in more than 500 concerts in Sardinia, Italy and also in Greece, Spain and Germany. He ran many workshops on rapper writings with children and youngsters, both Italian and foreigners.

Event on 29th June, Casa Maoddi ore 16.30, Workshop

Event on 30th June, Casa Maoddi ore 16.30, Workshop