Cezar Paul-Bădescu

In autumn 1966, Nicolae Ceauşescu emanated the law against abortion. Consequently, between 1967 and 1968, a lot of children were born with the name of “leggini”, in honor of the law that let them come into the world. One of them is Cezar Paul-Bădescu. With very good marks at school, he immediately became a pioneer and a leader. At the beginning he was a model student, but during the high school he started smoking and skipping the lessons. He then studied literature at university earning a Master’s degree in Literary Theory. He became a journalist to earn a leaving, going on air and questioning the myths of the eminent Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu, in 1998. An uproar was caused by the press and the Romanian Parliament itself took an official stance on the matter. Two years later in 2000, Cezar Paul-Bădescu received a medal for cultural merits from the Romanian President; oddly, the medal was entitled “Mihai Eminescu”. Cezar Paul-Bădescu’s novels, Le giovinezze di Daniel Abagiu (Ciesse ed.2014) and Luminita, mon amour, were sold out few weeks after their publication. Since in Romania writers cannot live of literature only, Cezar Paul-Bădescu is still obliged to be a journalist first of all and a writer during the free time. Surely, he wishes it was the contrary.

  • ALTRE PROSPETTIVE 4th of July, Mesu Bidda 5.30 p.m.