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L’Isola delle Storie lives thanks to public and private contributions. Our Association is supported not only by Sardinians, but also by people coming from all over the world, people who love books and stories. Thanks to our supporting partners, their help and donations, we try to encourage the development and knowledge of Sardinian authors and literature in order to bring abroad and promote our culture and our stories.

You can do this at any time.
So you will have the possibility to become a partner of L’isola delle Storie, wherever you live, read or write.
You may be a real or just an honorary islander, our adventure companion of L’isola Delle Storie.

Bank Transfer

Deposit into the checking account n. 70001686
addressed to Associazione Culturale L’Isola delle Storie
at the Banco di Sardegna – Agenzia di Gavoi – Via Roma 212

IBAN: IT28Q0101585301000070001686

The cost of the transfer depends on the conditions applied by individual banks.

During the Festival in Gavoi membership cards may be acquired by everyone who wants to sustain directly the literary Festival. The membership card allows everyone to become a supporting member of L’Isola delle Storie Association.